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The DUI Offender

Over the last several years the issue of the chronic drinking and driving offender has received increasing scrutiny from the criminal justice system and the community at large. Many states have passed new legislation increasing penalties for this population. Nevertheless, a considerable number of DUI offenders, both chronic and first timers, end up under community […]

Colorado Probation: Clearing the Clutter

Colorado is Clearing the Clutter from the Noise Kristen Hilkey (Colorado Probation Supervisor) and Ken Tomlinson (Colorado Probation Analyst) presented “Clearing the Clutter from the Noise” at the recent National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC) conference in Indianapolis. Kristen and Ken led the conference participants in a one and a half hour discussion […]

From the Field with Ken Tomlinson

Anyone who has worked in the criminal justice field for any length of time has undoubtedly heard the phrase evidence based practices.  But what does that really mean and how is it applied in the day to day management of those under community supervision.  According to the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) “The terms best […]