Fieldware developed OffenderLink Web-based Supervision Management System with integrated live support center as a collection of fully-hosted programs designed to support the Corrections industry including Probation, Parole, Community Corrections, Pre-trial and Institutions.

Fieldware’s goal with all of its programs/service offerings is to provide solutions that enable its agency clients to gain efficiencies in the supervision process while maintaining or increasing accountability of offenders and agents alike. In support of Evidence Based Practices (EBP), Fieldware clients use OffenderLink™ to more efficiently and more effectively manage growing caseloads and complex supervision tasks with greater ease, accountability and compliance using fewer resources. This in turn enables agencies to allocate additional resources to higher risk caseloads and on critical supervision tasks, rather than spending valuable and limited time on administrative tasks that can be accomplished through technology and automation.

OffenderLink™ began with the Automated Telephone Reporting (ATR) module which allows offenders to report to their supervising agent via an automated telephone call. Over the years we’ve continued to improve OffenderLink™ by adding features that benefit our agency clients. Most were developed at the request of our agency clients and all were designed with direct input from active agency users. Some of these features have been significant enough to be turned into their own standalone modules. All modules function within the easy-to-use web-based OffenderLink user interface. OffenderLink™ currently offers the following system modules:

automated telephone reporting

Automated Telephone Reporting

Automated Telephone Reporting (ATR) – to automate or supplement face-to-face reporting for low-risk/low-need clients.

supervision free management and collections

Supervision Free Management & Collections

Supervision Fee Management and Collections (SFM) – to standardize remittance processing and reduce the burden of debt collection from field staff.

automated notification system

Automated Notification System

Automated Notification System (ANS) – to remind clients of upcoming appointments.

provider referral tracking

Provider Referral Tracking

Provider Referral and Tracking (PRT) – for the integration of provider referrals, reporting, and case management into a common system.

random test notification

Random Test Notification

Random Test Notification (RTN) – to automate and standardize the selection and notification process for clients required to submit to substance testing.

voice monitoring system

Voice Monitoring System

Biometric Voice Monitoring System (VMS) – for adult or juvenile curfew over the phone a low-cost alternative to GPS or RF monitoring.

primary case management

Primary Case Management

Primary Case Management (PCM) – for a fully-hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) model comprehensive Probation/Pre-trial Case Management system.

inmate deposits and payments

Inmate Deposits & Payments

Inmate Deposits & Payments (IDP) – to allow the public to fund inmate canteen accounts and make restitution and fee payments on their behalf.