Automated Notification System

Fieldware’s OffenderLink Automated Notification System (ANS) automatically notifies criminal defendants or offenders of upcoming appointments or conditions that require attention.

For criminal defendants this typically is an upcoming Agency date or sentencing hearing.

For offenders this may be a reminder to pay a delinquent fee or to attend a treatment program.

OffenderLink ANS provides Agency staff with the ability to monitor and report on notification activity.

Solutions for you

OffenderLink is fully hosted within Fieldware’s multiple datacenters and is developed using the latest technology including Microsoft.NET, Microsoft SQL Server database and a highly scalable telephony infrastructure. The web system is compatible with all current browsers and utilizes 128-bit SSL security. The IVR system can be accessed from any touchtone phone including cell and payphones.

As agencies look to implement strategies like Evidence Based Practices to better manage their growing populations with the same or shrinking resources, OffenderLink is the perfect solution.

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