provider referral tracking

Provider Referral Tracking

OffenderLink’s PRT module extends the case management features beyond the Agency.  Approved Treatment/Service Provider staff can be issued credentials to log into the program to perform intakes, fill-in status reports, log contact notes and set outcomes.

This module can be used for recurring treatment programs, one-time assessments, or even random testing. Our experience shows us that the Treatment Provider community struggles with information management and timely reporting of outcomes as much as the supervision community.

Our experience also shows that providing a well-designed, easy to use, secure and reliable paperless system with accountability checks and balances improves the process for both corrections and the Treatment Providers allowing for more time to be spent on the offender and the success of their treatment and less on paperwork and administrative duties.

The PRT program also helps to level the administrative playing field between Treatment Providers. Fieldware training staff can typically provide training to Treatment Providers in two hours via webinar or in-person group training.   Treatment providers and agency staff are fully trained on the following features and workflow components which are all designed to streamline the communications process and minimize gaps in the flow of information.

Treatment Referral & Intake: Officers may refer offenders in OffenderLink directly to a provider or to a pool of providers.  When the client appears at the provider location to enroll in a program, the Treatment Provider’s intake staff can acknowledge enrollment through their own login to OffenderLink.  Since the Officer is logging into the same system, the enrollment information is shared transparently.

Maybe the Agency requires an enrollment report for each client that starts a program.  The Treatment Provider’s intake staff can also fill out a custom designed enrollment report directly in OffenderLink, attach relevant documents, and submit it.  All of this information will be available to the Officer without the need for direct contact between the parties.

During this entire process OffenderLink presents TDI alerts to either the Officer or the Treatment Provider staff to alert them to non-compliance or other issues that require attention.  For example, if a client fails to enroll in a program before a certain due date, OffenderLink can alert the assigned Officer of that non-compliance issue.

Status Reports & Compliance Monitoring: For a recurring treatment program TDI alerts can be set on a schedule to require Treatment Provider staff to enter regular status reports.  The alerts are flexible and can include annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, daily, or ad-hoc schedules.  Fieldware will collaborate with the Agency and its designated providers to customize the fields required for different types of status reports.

Similar to the intake process, both the Treatment Providers and the Officers can receive TDI alerts to monitor status reports and compliance.  OffenderLink also allows users to fill in ad-hoc reports outside of the regular schedule if needed.

Program Outcomes: Providers are typically required to provide a final report or outcome for a client.  These outcomes can be assigned in a final report format that is different from the regular status report format if desired. These outcomes can also be incorporated into higher level analysis reports for the Agency.

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OffenderLink is fully hosted within Fieldware’s multiple datacenters and is developed using the latest technology including Microsoft.NET, Microsoft SQL Server database and a highly scalable telephony infrastructure. The web system is compatible with all current browsers and utilizes 128-bit SSL security. The IVR system can be accessed from any touchtone phone including cell and payphones.

As agencies look to implement strategies like Evidence Based Practices to better manage their growing populations with the same or shrinking resources, OffenderLink is the perfect solution.

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