random test notification

Random Test Notification

Agency and other supervising agencies struggle with managing test selection and notification for offenders.  Fieldware’s OffenderLink Random Test Notification (RTN) manages the notification and selection of offenders for random drug or alcohol testing.  Many agencies and providers use existing call-in systems that rely on a selected color-code or keyword.  This system enhances that approach by providing:

·        non-subjective direction (i.e., “You have been selected for testing and must report by …” vs. “Today’s color is light blue”)
·        an accounting of who called, who failed to call, who was selected, and who appeared
·        automated  application of min/max rules by client (e.g., a high risk client may require selection a minimum of once every two weeks and a maximum of twice in the same week but a low risk client may only require one test per month and a maximum of 3 per month)

The RTN module requires offenders to make a daily call to a toll-free number to hear if a test is required.  If a client is selected the system directs him/her to the test location with clear customizable instructions.  If not, the client is reminded to call again on the next day.

Officers get TDI alerts when client fail to call (whether selected or not).  Test lab users get real-time TDI alert lists showing each selected client with the ability to log appearance compliance and/or test results.  OffenderLink RTN provides Agency staff with the ability to monitor and report on all program activity.

If a client fails to call in to the system as directed, OffenderLink makes an outbound reminder call to remind the client of this obligation.  All inbound and outbound calling activity is logged in the OffenderLink system for reporting/auditing.

Selection is made in a pseudo-random method.  The Agency can establish minimum and maximum testing thresholds by specific client or by client group.  For example, high risk offenders may have rules that require selection once per week, but no more than twice a week and with no consecutive test days while lower risks offenders may need to be selected a minimum of once per month.

This ensures that each client is tested according to policy requirements without requiring staff monitoring.  In addition, a user can enter specific test requirements by date for specific offenders (i.e., a Officer may require a certain client to be tested the day after a holiday).

By extending OffenderLink access to testing lab staff, the Agency’s test provider (whether internal or external) has access to a list of each client selected for testing including details regarding whether the client called in for notification or not.  Lab users log appearance data directly into OffenderLink RTN.

At the Agency’s option, the system can also be used for lab staff to enter test results providing a single comprehensive system for monitoring and reporting on test selection, appearance outcomes, and test outcomes.

Solutions for you

OffenderLink is fully hosted within Fieldware’s multiple datacenters and is developed using the latest technology including Microsoft.NET, Microsoft SQL Server database and a highly scalable telephony infrastructure. The web system is compatible with all current browsers and utilizes 128-bit SSL security. The IVR system can be accessed from any touchtone phone including cell and payphones.

As agencies look to implement strategies like Evidence Based Practices to better manage their growing populations with the same or shrinking resources, OffenderLink is the perfect solution.

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