Treasury Management

Fully-hosted, comprehensive SaaS model solution for community supervision and related agencies.

Expand payment options and reduce the burden of debt collection from field staff

FieldWare has enhanced its Web-based Supervision Management System and integrated live call center to create a turn-key treasury management program for all types of Agency and court ordered fines, fees and restitution.

FieldWare handles all aspects of the program including:

  • Payment options including credit/debit via web or phone, mailed in payments via money order and cash payment options at many retail outlets across the country.
  • Creation and supply of all remittance envelopes and related supplies
  • Remittance processing with online view of all payments, vouchers, and associated correspondence
  • Real-time Officer To-Do-Lists to manage workflow for new enrollments, waiver/exemption status changes, out-of-compliance situations
  • Real-time notification of billable status, payment history, and collections compliance notification to officers
  • Multi-tiered collections activities via automated and live calls, texts and mailed letters
  • Client IVR, live telephone and email support for balance inquiries, payment acceptance and program information
  • Exception handling
  • Agency and client telephone, web and email support
  • Billing with accrual and non-accrual options by account
  • Payment allocation by business rules with override capabilities preventing clients from needing to make payments for each account separately
  • Officer and agency system training
  • Bank integration
  • Agency CMS and accounting integration if billing is done by the agency
  • Victim restitution disbursements

There's a reason why many of the nation's largest state and county agencies currently partner with FieldWare to meet the unique challenges of proper case management and community supervision. FieldWare solution modules can be combined to create the perfect toolset to replace or augment existing solutions.

Quite simply, FieldWare works. To improve efficiencies. To reduce workload. To increase accountability.

Stable, Scalable, and Secure.

Our multiple data centers host our solutions utilizing proven, stable scalable technologies. All FieldWare solutions are compatible with all current browsers.

As agencies look to implement Evidence-Based-Practices (EBP) to better manage their populations with the same or shrinking resources, FieldWare is the perfect solution. Contact FieldWare today to discuss how we can help you create solutions.
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