Case Management

Fully-hosted, comprehensive SaaS model solution for community supervision and related agencies.

Allow low-risk clients to check in remotely, enabling them to report and monitor compliance easily and collect and verify information with this highly configurable system.

FieldWare's Case Management module is the core of all FieldWare solutions. With all the feature enhancements over the past 20 years since the program's launch, agencies using one of the FieldWare modules, such as the Remote Check-in module, often ask us why they can’t use FieldWare for all their Case Management needs. In general, Agencies struggle with inefficient case management practices, often due to antiquated systems that lack workflow automation or modern communication tools. As agencies became more comfortable with a true SaaS model solution, we determined in 2015 the timing was right to expand the program beyond our current program specific Evidence-based Practices (EBP) tools to allow for agencies to migrate to FieldWare as their primary case management system of record toolset. Thus, with the addition of an intake module and various other enhancements we added the capability for agencies to do just that.

While the system can be expanded to handle the complexities of a larger organization, it has the core components that make it a solid, easy to implement choice for the smaller to mid-size agencies with a goal of a more efficient workflow focused system without the headaches of an internally managed and supported hardware-centric solution.

The following details some of the general features:

  • A modern browser-based Software as a Service (SaaS) program with all hardware and software costs included.
  • Secure, encrypted access for all designated users.
  • A client web/smartphone portal for improved communication between clients and agency staff.
  • An App for Agency users to enable system functionality while in the field such as creating narratives or updating basic client information.
  • Integrated conversational texting at the platform level.
  • Integrated Video Chat for remote yet visual meetings.
  • Integrated assessments tools
  • Automated workflow with exception-based action items via the system’s unique To Do list functionality
  • Comprehensive reporting and dashboard with compliance statistics
  • A siloed architecture so all Agency data and configuration are in separate databases to prevent commingling of data across agencies.
  • Integration with other Agency systems to eliminate redundant data entry work and streamline workflow.
  • Import of Agency legacy system data.
  • Initial in-person training and on-going periodic in-person and/or online demonstration and training to Agency on an as needed basis.
  • Technical assistance to Agency staff, via telephone, web, or email during regular Agency business hours to address and/or resolve usability or compliance issues.
  • Integration with most other FieldWare modules to provide an inclusive case management solution.

There's a reason why many of the nation's largest state and county agencies currently partner with FieldWare to meet the unique challenges of proper case management and community supervision. FieldWare solution modules can be combined to create the perfect toolset to replace or augment existing solutions.

Quite simply, FieldWare works. To improve efficiencies. To reduce workload. To increase accountability.

Stable, Scalable, and Secure.

Our multiple data centers host our solutions utilizing proven, stable scalable technologies. All FieldWare solutions are compatible with all current browsers.

As agencies look to implement Evidence-Based-Practices (EBP) to better manage their populations with the same or shrinking resources, FieldWare is the perfect solution. Contact FieldWare today to discuss how we can help you create solutions.
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