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July 21 – July 27 is National Pretrial, Probation, and Parole Supervision (PPPS) Week!

This is a time to celebrate the over 100,000 community supervision officers in our country and the work they do to help individuals in the criminal legal system improve their lives and find success.  


The team at FieldWare would like to THANK EACH AND EVERY OFFICER who gives tirelessly of their time and energy to help keep our communities safe. We appreciate you and are proud of your work and commitment to the field!   



Increase Administrative And Operational Workforce Efficiencies


Increase Client Management Efficiencies and Improve Outcomes

Case Mgmt.

Enable Clients to Easily Report and Communicate with Supervising Officers


Streamline Subpoena Management for Officer and Civilian Witnesses


Reduce the Burden of Remittance Processing, Collections, and Disbursement 


Increase Efficiencies and Improve Communications using Android or iOS Devices

Mobile Apps


Scalable. Adaptable. Secure.

From the academy to the courtroom and beyond, FieldWare SaaS solutions deliver unprecedented process efficiencies using automation based on each customer's unique policies and business rule requirements.


Our solutions are designed to empower criminal justice practitioners, community supervision personnel and the public safety workforce with the best-in-class cloud-based portfolio they require to achieve their common mission - protecting and serving their communities.


Unlike other providers, our solutions are not a one-size fits all. Each is highly configurable and simplifies the most complex of operational and administrative processes.


It's time to select technology that will help you work smarter, operate safer, and achieve better outcomes.  It's time for FieldWare.


Who We Serve


Law Enforcement

Protecting and Serving Communities at Federal, State and Local Levels.



Delivering Safety for the Incarcerated, Confining the Convicted, and Offering Rehabilitation Counseling


Fire and Rescue

Rescuing Lives, Property, and the Environment from Hazardous Fire and Emergency Events



Providing Fair Judicial Processes That Keep Our Citizens Safe


Community Supervision

Protecting Communities and Facilitating Offender Re-entry into Society


What Makes FieldWare Different?


Experience. Reliability. Flexibility.

  • 100% Dedicated to Serving Community Supervision, Criminal Justice and the Public Safety Workforce
  • Highly Configurable Solutions that Easily Interfaces with Existing Platforms
  • Created & Supported by Community Supervision and Public Safety Pros
  • Multilingual Customer Engagement Staff for Clients
  • Versatile Payment Options
  • GSA MAS #GS-07F-201CA and #47QTCA22D0032 Contract Holder

20+ Years Community Supervision Solutions Provider

There's a reason why many of the nation's largest state and local agencies use FieldWare solutions to meet their unique challenges. Quite simply, they provide proven results. By automating complex operational processes and time consuming administrative procedures, FieldWare customers experience improved communications, increased efficiencies and controlled cost. 

What's more, many of us come from community supervision and public safety.  We've seen diverse workflows, creative workarounds, and unique policy rules. That’s why we’ve combined the brightest technical minds with industry veterans who have first-hand knowledge about the challenges you face daily. It’s the perfect blend of dynamic software engineering with subject matter experts that speak your language. 

Thank you for allowing us to contribute in this vital role of serving those who serve their communities coast-to-coast. 

Customer Success Stories

Kansas State Department of Corrections


Increasing Efficiencies and Eliminating Redundancies with Remote Check-In


Tulsa County Public Defender’s Office


Reducing Pretrial FTA's and Connecting Defendants with Social Services


New Orleans Police & Justice


Improving  Police & Civilian Court Attendance with Online Subpoena Mgmt.