Empowering Community Supervision.

Better Tools. Better data. Better Outcomes.

FieldWare provides a comprehensive suite of case management and remote check-in tools and services that are easy to use, integrate and simple to scale.

FieldWare’s growing SaaS solution suite supports and integrates with over 50 state, county and local agency systems including some of the largest agencies in the US.

FieldWare’s modular set of solutions can serve as an Agency’s case management system of record or agency customers can easily integrate any module into an existing case management system.

Fieldware’s Case Management system is at the core of every solution module and provides the workflow efficiencies required to support modern supervision strategies.
Remote Check-In
This Allow clients to check in remotely to automate or supplement face-to-face contacts, proven to improve outcomes for low-risk/low need clients.
Treasury Management
Standardize and streamline remittance-processing and reduce the burden of debt collection with a turn-key fee management program for all types of agency and court ordered fines, fees and restitution.
Random Test Notification
Automate and standardize the randomized selection, notification, and compliance logging process for clients required to submit to substance testing.
Automated Notification & Texting
Reduce the cost of Failure to Appear by automating reminders via phone call and text notifications allowing agency staff to log and prove client compliance
Service Provider Management
A singular solution to help manage information by providing automated and integrated reports by agency staff passed to designated treatment and service staff.
Canteen Account Deposits
FieldWare solutions that handle payment processing have now been extended to accommodate fast, easy and secure funding transfers from friends and family.

Built on 20+ years of real-world community supervision experience, FieldWare is committed to improving agency outcomes by leveraging the latest in automation and communications technologies including new features such as integrated conversational texting and video chat functionality.

Experienced and Reliable. Flexible and Efficient.

An Experienced Solutions Provider

  • Over 20 years providing SaaS tools to the industry
  • Over 9,500,000 remote check-ins received
  • Over 8,500,000 notification reminders made
  • Multi-modal access for client check-ins and notification reminders
  • Dedicated Customer Engagement staff for agencies
  • Multi-lingual Customer Engagement staff for clients
  • Over 2,000,000 client records
  • Over 2.3 million agency user sessions (9K+ users)
  • Over $350 million in fines, fees and restitution collected and processed

Reliable and Trusted Business Support

  • 12 state-wide P&P/DOC agencies
  • Over 50 agency clients across 17 states
  • 100% client retention rate on all re-bids
  • APPA member 2023

Support and Enable Evidence-Based-Practices (EBP)

  • Enable more time and resources for high-risk and higher-need cases
  • Help prevent over-supervising lower-risk cases while maintaining accountability

Create Efficiencies in the Supervision Process

  • Reduce time spent on administrative tasks that can be handled through intelligent automation
  • Focus on exceptions, time-sensitive action items, and proactive compliance checks

Versatile Pricing and Payment Options

  • We offer a range of payment options for agency flexibility
  • Help prevent over-supervising lower risk cases while maintaining accountability

GSA Contract Holder

  • GSA Schedule available
  • Federal, State & County government entities

Stable, Scalable, and Secure.

Our multiple data centers host our solutions utilizing proven, stable scalable technologies. All FieldWare solutions are compatible with all current browsers.

As agencies look to implement Evidence-Based-Practices (EBP) to better manage their populations with the same or shrinking resources, FieldWare is the perfect solution. Contact FieldWare today to discuss how we can help you create solutions.
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