Community Supervision
Probation and Parole Remote Check-In

Enable Clients to Check In Remotely. Monitor Compliance Easily.

Utilizing evidence-based practices, Remote Check-In enables clients to easily report to and communicate with supervising officers by phone or any web-enabled device, including PC’s, tablets or smartphones.


Highly configurable, Remote Check-In can collect and verify a wide variety of client information – as well as provide clients with updates regarding open supervisory conditions or non-compliance issues.


From treatment compliance, outstanding fines and fees, or specific supervisory requests, Remote Check-In delivers efficiencies for supervisors and clients alike.


Agency staff monitor and approve collected data, track any open conditions of supervision, address non-compliance issues, deliver outbound communications via SMS, in-app messaging, or mail-merged letters in multiple languages.


Remote Check-In includes automated notifications and reminders for events -- such as reporting, treatment, office visits and court. It includes conversational texting and integrated video chat if a remote face-to-face is needed.


To streamline program enrollment and eliminate data entry redundancies, two-way integration is available with agency management systems.

Remove Client Reporting Barriers and Prioritize Items Needing Most Attention

Remote Checkin

Core Features

  • Client Reporting by Phone, Web, or Smartphone
  • Biometric Voice Verification
  • Integrated Video Chat
  • Conversational Texting with Media Sharing and History Tracking
  • Automated Notification of Court/Office Appointments by Phone or Text
  • Agency Defined Action-Based To-Do Lists
  • Supervisor Generated Client Case Notes / Chronos Automation
  • Client Letter Generation Automation Using Agency Defined Templates
  • Address, Phone, Employment Cross-Reference Alerting of Potential Issues
  • Caseload and Exception Reporting with Real-Time Compliance Statistics
  • Two-Way Data Integration