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Improved Pretrial Success ... Right at Your Fingertips.

Building positive relationships with clients is critical in supporting a successful criminal justice system exit.   Defense Attorneys, Probation Officers, Case Managers and their clients using our Pretrial Mobile App are better equipped to  improve communications, reduce failures-to-appear and enable engagements with community resources. Got client compliance barriers with transportation, childcare, or unpredictable work schedules?  No problem.  Download our app and let us help you eliminate them once and for all.


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Focus on Engagement Instead of Just Catching Failures.

  • Seamless two-way communication for improved attorney-client relationships
  • Automated positive messaging to support clients under supervision
  • Customizable check-ins to ensure compliance
  • Customizable social service referral database help you act as a 'coach'
  • Video chats that increase staff impact and efficiencies
FW Uptrust

Easy to Implement, Integrate, and Analyze

  • Access your entire caseload and book appointments from the field.
  • 2-way direct messaging humanizes the client process and saves time.
  • Automated event reminders and centralized appointment calendars promote clients attendance.
  • Remote check-ins based on criminogenic needs with immediate alerts when clients require additional assistance.
  • Video chat saves you and your clients time and helps maintain safety.
  • Measure client engagement, failure-to-appears, recidivism, and more to improve outcomes.