Court Administrators

Save Time, Improve Witness Attendance and Reduce Notification Costs

You are vital work in ensuring that your courthouse runs smoothly so cases can move efficiently through your judicial system. One of your many challenges is making sure that all court participants appear when called -- be they civilians, offenders, officers or criminal justice practitioners. Relying paper-based delivery processes is much like throwing a football down the field with no knowledge of whether it's been caught.

Wouldn't it be nice to send court notifications electronically to officers, incarcerated witnesses, attorneys and civilians?  Or to have a centralized solution that supplements your existing case management system by tracking if and when court notices were received? What about sending push notifications to criminal justice personnel when court rooms change? Enter Orion.


Subpoena Management

Eliminate court notification and attendance gaps between criminal justice practitioners and officers or civilian witnesses.


Interactive Analytics

Use your witness data to generate analytics with dashboard visualizations that provide insights into court events.

3rd Party Data Exchanges

3rd Party Data Exchanges

From criminal and municipal to traffic, juvenile and magistrate courts – receive CMS case details as part of your notifications.

An End-to-End Court Notification Solution

When interfaced with case management systems, CourtNotify serves as a unifying solution for court clerks, prosecutors, public defenders, and public safety personnel.


  • Clerks can add witnesses to cases and send notices on-line to officers or civilian service deputies.
  • Prosecutes and public defenders can view witness receipt acknowledgments in real-time.
  • Officers can receive and acknowledge their notifications using mobile devices. 


It’s an ideal for notifying and tracking witness participation as cases progress through the court.


Track Officer Attendance Results

With Orion AttendanceTRKR, officers can check into one or multiple court events simultaneously and view each event’s details. Capture final case results entered during checkout for analytical reporting to quantify court overtime cost, case dispositions, and appearance trends. Apply geographical location data to ensure that logins/outs are within close proximity of scheduled events.



“We didn’t want a huge, complicated system to maintain, nor did we want to spend a lot on infrastructure. We wanted a system that issued electronic subpoenas to the Dallas Police Department, as well as the other 26 law enforcement agencies throughout the County. With this solution, we were able to accomplish both goals."


Tommy Hutson, IT Administrator for the Dallas County District Attorney

Court Subpoena Issuance

Subpoena Issuance

  • Decrease costs and increase fine collections
  • Increase ability to close cases
  • View real-time notice acknowledgements
Police Subpoena Receipt

Officer Subpoena Receipt

  • Reduce OT for unnecessary court appearances
  • Decrease court admin and coordination costs
  • Increase officer accountability
Civilian Subpoena Receipt

Civilian Subpoena Receipt

  • Reduce delivery costs using U.S. postal routes
  • Monitor civilian deliveries in real time
  • Track civilian alias names