Staffing Managers

Automate Staffing Management Based on Your Policies

We know you're struggling with critical staffing shortages. With retirement rates up, new recruits in short supply and minimum staffing numbers that simply must be filled -- your job has become an uphill battle. Relying on ad hoc methods augmented by spreadsheets or generic scheduling products only adds to the problem and does not solve it.

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a centralized solution that red-flagged your staffing gaps well in advance and automatically served up qualified available personnel to fill the gaps.  Better still, what if it automatically sent push notifications about those assignments or when overtime was available? Or how about enabling self-service capabilities?  Enter Orion.


Smart Scheduling

Automate complex schedules using your rules and easily manage changes. Add off-duty, court, swaps, and bidding if and when you’d like.


Go Mobile

Whether you're responding to employee's requests, signing up for overtime, or receiving push notifications stay connected.


Generate Self-Service Reports and Analytics

Use your scheduling data to generate reports or visualizations that provide insight into staffing trends.

Maintain Staffing Levels with At-a-Glance Scheduling Dashboards

Color-coded alerts prompt staffing managers to backfill unplanned vacancies when levels fall below minimum. View qualified employees in a sorted order based on your fatigue or overtime policies so you can fill gaps, minimize the finical impact, and ensure fair assignments.



Staffing Counts

Increased Staffing Management Efficiencies

  • Drag and drop capabilities that enable quick staffing changes
  • Real-time viewing of assignments, skills, locations, and assets
  • Enter time off and overtime directly from rosters
  • Make ad hoc comments that can be viewed by all
  • Use staffing count forecasting for proactive backfill planning  
  • View losses and gains of reassigned personnel with where and when details