Payroll Managers

Save Time and Ensure Accuracy of Complex Pay Period Calculations

We know that gathering and calculating your employee's time worked is incredibly labor intensive and prone to errors. Between collective bargaining agreements and different rules for sworn versus civilian personnel, using spreadsheets and paper forms only adds to your work load and invites costly mistakes. 

Wouldn't it be nice if you could automate the different types of pay calculations required for your diverse types of agency employees? Or how about using auto-filled timesheets of actual pay period hours worked that were automatically transmitted to your payroll system.  Enter Orion.


Time and Attendance

Ensure the most complex of payroll policy compliances -- from adaptive pay rates for reassignments, to special pay for court and call backs.


Interactive Analytics

Use your time and attendance data to generate analytics with dashboard visualizations that provide deeper insight into payroll trends.

Labor Tracking and  Job Costing

Job Cost and Labor Tracking

Gain data-driven visibility about grants, funding usage, scheduling policies, and absenteeism to better understand your cost-of-services.

Got Complicated Rules Your Payroll System Simply Can’t Handle? We've Got You Your Back.

90% of Orion customers have collective bargaining agreements and other complex payroll rules. If your payroll system isn't able to do the tough calculations you need, we can configure them for you to ensure that you stay in compliance. Be it for one department, sworn versus civilian personnel or the entire agency -- this is one of Orion's many core competencies.





Personnel Pay Changes
  • Certification pay
  • Holiday premiums
  • On-call pay
  • Stipends
  • Out-of-class pay
  • Flexible time off
  • Overtime
  • Premium pay
  • Special skills
  • Comp time
  • Education incentive pay
  • Allowances for uniforms or parking

Adapt Pay Rates Automatically for Out-of-Class Back Fill Ranks

Orion takes adaptive role-based access to the next level by including adaptive pay rates. As personnel are moved into temporary assignments, reassigned pay rates can be adapted for the hours worked while in that assignment.


It’s efficient, fair, and most important -- accurate.