Customer Snapshot

  • Riverside County, CA Sheriff’s Office
  • 3,600 total system users

Solution Snapshot

  • Workforce Mgmt. PLUS
  • Interface Agent

Business Results

  • Redeployed 90% of admin staff after first three months
  • Reallocation of 3 FTE’s due to payroll automation
  • Saved $100K annually in paper and printing cost

riverside_logoRiverside County, CA Sheriff's Office

Workforce Management, Time and Attendance, and Payroll Success Story



In 2009, Riverside County Sheriff’s Office (RCSO) relied on custom programs, spreadsheets, and paper forms that were meeting enough administrative needs to be barely acceptable. With budget cuts and reduced staffing, RCSO was being forced to do more with less for its 40 different office locations. Information was not available to make strategic decisions and duplication of efforts was time consuming and costly.

Compliance with MOU’s, SOP’s, and other regulations were managed ad-hoc at multiple levels of the organization with decisions often being duplicated. The agency was operating multiple silo-based systems that were not integrated or interfaced. It included systems that tracked schedules, time-off, and vacation requests with limited cost reporting via spreadsheets. Paper forms were used for employee self-services.

RCSO also provide law enforcement services to 17 incorporated cities. Scheduling was managed on a total hours per shift/day basis with individual supervisors preparing schedules via spreadsheets. Due to the lack of centralized reporting, RCSO had issues preparing timely billing invoices for repayment.

What Riverside County Sheriff's Office needed was a solution that could:

  • Centralize scheduling and deployment of officers throughout the county's wide spread geographic locations
  • Eliminate duplication of efforts while ensuring that policy compliance were achieved
  • Ensure that services provided to the county's incorporated cities were properly tracked for billing purposes



Workforce Management PLUS

Since 2010, Workforce Management PLUS (formerly branded as AgencyWeb IWM) has served as RCSO’s “command central” for the coordination of daily employee operations. Based on RCSO's business rules all stations are now consistently interpreting agency MOU’s.

Employees are able to enter requests from one centralized location and receive confirmation when events, such as time-off and overtime are approved or declined.  Personnel can sign up for voluntary overtime assignments within their assigned location or other locations throughout the county.

Previously inconsistent applications of shift differential payroll requirements are now fully automated. The ability to automatically track and report employee activities based on their assignments eliminated the need to have employees enter information into other systems.

Interface Agent

Using Orion's Interface Agent for the agency’s HRMS payroll interface, time and attendance details are accurately transmitted for pay periods and contract billing. This solution has enabled the agency to eliminate redundancies, centralize scheduling and increase timekeeping and payroll efficiencies.