Public Safety Workforce
Time and Attendance

It's Easy, Reliable and Auditable.

Collecting employee time worked and calculating complex payroll policies can be incredibly labor intensive. You've got different rules for sworn versus civilian personnel and tracking agreed-to pay differentials is no easy task. Relying on paper time cards and spreadsheets to track and apply your rules is not the answer.

Light weight products with little oversight may result in compliance liability and increased cost. You need something you can trust. Something that’s easy for both your employees and their managers to use. Something that can automatically apply your rules each and every pay period. You need Orion.


Streamline Timekeeping and Ensure Accuracy

From shifts crossing midnight to shift differentials, holidays worked, and much more, accurately capture hours worked and automate payroll processes using your own policy rules.

What's more, as personnel are moved into temporary assignments, reassigned pay rates can be adapted for their hours worked while in that out-of-class assignment.

Employees review auto-filled time sheets with real-time work hours and activity codes. Manager workflows confirm accuracy. Once pay periods are locked, time and attendance data can be automatically transmitted to your payroll system or printed for data entry.

Enforce Payroll Policies Consistently

While your employees are your greatest resource, they are also your largest single budgetary line item. By automating outdated methods, you'll have the tools in place to control the realities of tighter budgetary constraints.


  • Eliminate potential double-payments for same hours worked in different units
  • Automate maximum number of hours per week or day rules
  • Enforce self-assigned overtime policies

  • Provide real-time auditing from multiple points-of-view

  • Centralize timekeeping and eliminate administrative redundancies

  • Automate CBA payrate policies and prevent double-dipping

Gain Insight into Employee Activities and Job Costs

We know that your employees work different jobs for different organizations within your agency and for external off-duty events.  With this solution, you’ll increase your awareness about the ‘where, what and for whom’ of actual time worked.


Employees can enter activities and job codes directly in timesheets.  Or they can be setup to automatically apply to routine assignments.  It's your system.  Have it your way.



Employee Timesheet on PC

Increase Awareness About Grants or Funding Usage, Scheduling Policies, and Cost of Absenteeism

Track assignment activities against internal cost centers, grant funds, or external employers to determine costs associated with routine services and special duty events. When integrated with external systems, such as RMS or CAD, activity data can be automatically collected and used for workforce services analytics.


Easily Track Roll Call Check Ins and Outs

Roll call check-in and check-out screens enable supervisors to log actual arrival and departure time.  Enter notes or make comments for each employee as needed.

Confirm Actual Work Hours Against Planned Hours

Actual hours employees worked off-duty event can be validated against original assignment hours and updated if necessary. All external, special event assignments are coordinated with employee's regular schedules and tracked within their timesheets.

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