Public Safety Workforce
Academy Training Management

Centralized Training Administration with Criteria-Based Automation

Managing training for public safety personnel is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Your agency has its own courses, skill sets, and certification requirements. Some courses are required to operate equipment or to be assigned weapons. Other are mandatory simply as part of the job.  And many require that results be reported on a regular basis.


You need a flexible method of automating course assignments based on various criteria, getting them scheduled with the least impact on staffing levels and easily reporting results. You need Orion.

Control Courses, Classrooms and Instructors from a Centralized, Online Platform

  • Set up curriculum-based courses offered by your agency or mandated by federal, state, and local training programs
  • Specify traditional classroom settings or academy locations for shooting ranges, fitness centers or simulated locations
  • Designate specific academy course locations for different agencies for better support of multiple agencies


With this solution -- you're in control.

Training Courses

Select the Best Notification Method for Optimal Attendance

  • Signup enrollment directed to employees or supervisors
  • Approval management options
  • Mandatory attendance requirements

    A combination of multiple attendance types can be allocated within each course. This enables required personnel to be notified of attendance while leveraging open enrollments to complete the course's pupil class size. 

Send Notifications and Track Results in Real-Time

  • Personnel receive online course notifications with acknowledgment prompts to confirm attendance
  • Scheduled course events display on employee calendars and shift rosters
  • Training personnel enter attendance and log results within the platform
  • Logged course results are saved in each employee's training record

Reduce Scheduling Coordination Complexity

Orion Training is designed to coordinate employee course criteria with the availability of classrooms, teachers, and equipment.   Employee course criteria is utilized to determine course qualification -- such as employee skill-sets, prerequisites, job classifications, or completion of specific activities.  What's more, course scheduling can be based on operational roster scheduling rules to verify that minimum-staffing is maintained.    

It's an ideal tool for coordinating training events with operations.


Ensure Employee Certifications are Current

System automation increases certification management efficiencies. Employee certification dates are tracked with the ability to pre-define dates for renewal alerting. Since all certification data is saved, results can be transmitted electronically to governmental organizations when needed. 

Import Historical Training Information 

Historical training information housed in other agency systems can be imported. This data can then be conditioned to support the Orion Training's criteria-based auto population of recommended training lists or personnel next-in-line for training events.

Need to Improve Your Academy's Administration Efficiencies?

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  • Do you have a challenge ensuring certification renewals?

  • What about coordinating training with personnel's schedules?

  • How about reporting your training results on a regular basis?


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