Asset Managers

Automate Asset Assignments and Returns Using Your Rules

Let’s face it, managing public safety assets and their assignments is a never ending job. From radios and vehicles, to tracking repairs, or collecting items back from retirees, using spreadsheets or light weight products only adds to your workload.

You've got to control who is allowed to manage certain assets  that could range from weapons to laptop computers.  And you've got to ensure that the right persons, with the right skills are assigned the right equipment.  Enter Orion.


View Asset Assignments on Rosters and Send to CAD

Include asset assignments on scheduling shift rosters and send to integrated CAD systems.


Manage Assignments to Personnel or Work Locations

Track operational asset issuance and returns to employees, work assignments, or work units.


Generate Self-Service Reports and Analytics

Use your asset data to generate reports or visualizations that provide insight into assignment trends.

Track Operational Equipment Assignments in Shift Rosters

Track the assignment and return of operational equipment like vehicles, radios, and weapons directly in your shift rosters. With essential equipment assignments displayed on the rosters, your staffing managers know exactly what equipment on-duty personnel have to get their jobs done.



Staffing Counts

Manage Assets and Assignments from One Centralized Location

Need to centralized asset oversight for your entire agency? What about managing specific Divisions with different assignment policies?


With this solution you'll be able to automatically enforce your unique policies for different Divisions and different types of personnel.