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Share Workforce and Equipment Data to Enhance 911 Dispatches

911 dispatchers play a vital role in protecting and serving our communities. They act as the essential link between callers in distress and emergency response teams. Through efficient assessment and call handling, 911 dispatchers reduce response times and help to save lives. The information they realize upon to perform this critical job must be accurate and relevant. Dispatching the properly qualified personnel who will respond quickly using the right equipment for the situation can often result in life or death. 

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Automate CAD Roster and Equipment Updates

Interface your CAD solution with Workforce Management PLUS, to automatically receive personnel, assets, and scheduling data from multiple agencies in real-time. CAD will automatically remain synchronized with continuously changing resource data -- such as personnel that have been promoted, acquired new certifications, changed radios or have preassigned vehicles.

Automatic Staffing and  Equipment Updates in CAD

Once configured with your policies, PLUS sends rosters, personnel and equipment data that enforces your staffing and equipment standards. As changes happen throughout your shifts, PLUS validates the data sent to CAD meets your officer/crew requirements for skills and assignments. If equipment breaks down, replacements can be quickly reassigned and tracked.  No more delays, duplicate data rejections, or interruptions that require dispatchers to make updates.

Cross-Staffing Management of Career and Volunteers

Personnel with differing roles and job classes working in multiple agencies are easily managed in Workforce Management PLUS. This allows volunteers, for example, to be rostered in multiple volunteer agencies using one system. Authorized personnel can manage the assignment of your workforce and their associated equipment among different stations and jurisdictions. When one unit responds, the cross-staffed unit is placed out-of-service based on assignment regulations.

Centralize Security Role Management

Thanks to the centralizing efficiencies of Workforce Management PLUS, authorized personnel can manage concurrent log-ins, agency look ups and security groups for your CAD system as well as other platforms. You'll be able to centralize the execution of provisioning management processes for personnel, equipment and security roles -- regardless of the number of individual agencies or diverse organizational rules. You'll save time while controlling system access more securely.

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Added Value for Public Safety Dispatchers

  • Single point of data delivery to CAD from multiple agencies
  • Automatic roster updates within CAD of units, staffing, vehicles and radios
  • Agency equipment tracking at individual, assignment and unit levels
  • Centralize security role management from multiple systems
  • Cross-staffing management of career personnel and volunteers
  • Elimination of redundant data entries by multiple personnel
  • Utilization of CAD incident data for analytical reporting

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