Public Safety Workforce
Asset Management

Control of Costly Asset Inventory and Assignments to Employees, Units, or Locations

From weapons and protective gear to apparatus devices, vehicles, and radios, manually tracking the thousands of operational assets used daily by public safety personnel can be labor intensive. Tracking inventory, issuances, and returns on spreadsheets not only wastes time, but often results in errors or lost items.

Using data silos, reactive processes, or manual record keeping is an inefficient way of managing expensive and potentially dangerous assets. With mission critical equipment, you need something smarter and more reliable. Something that not only tracks assignment, but also follows your policies. You need Orion.

Asset Screen

Simplify Life-Cycle Assignments

From knowing what assets you have to understanding where they are located and assigned, save time tracking valuable equipment—including out-of-service items and replacements—while reducing risks.

With essential equipment assignments displayed on shift rosters, staffing managers know exactly what equipment on-duty personnel have to get their jobs done.

Get the Right Equipment in the Right Hands at the Right Time

Assign and track single items or groups of items at the employee, assignment, or unit level on a temporary or permanent basis. Use RFID technology or track assignments directly within your solution and apply criteria to prevent unqualified assignments for specialized equipment. This solution is an ideal way to ensure mission critical assets are placed in the right hands.


View Equipment Assignments Directly in CAD

When integrated with CAD platforms, dispatchers automatically view real-time equipment update assignments and capabilities directly in CAD. If equipment breaks down in the middle of a shift, replacements are tracked within CAD.

Now that’s efficiency!

How Are You Managing Your Operational Equipment?

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