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Providing Centralized Solutions to Divisions with Complex Workforce Requirements

Today's governmental law enforcement agencies includes three fundamental types-- local, state, and federal. Often, their jurisdictions are geographically divided into operational commands for logistical and administrative efficiencies. All have one core mission -- to protect and serve their communities.

Local law enforcement include Police and Sheriff Departments, but can include specialized agencies such as Airport, Harbor, or Campus Police. State agencies include the State or Highway Patrols. Federal agencies include the FBI and the U.S. Secret Service. Privately owned agencies are on the rise, often utilized in locations where public law enforcement is perceived as under-provided.


Managing the workforce in law enforcement agencies is no easy task. From Patrol to Jail to 911 Communication Divisions – the profession by its very nature challenges its members physically and mentally. Staffing shortages, negative media coverage and budget limitations have taken a heavy toll on the law enforcement profession.


Early retirements have increased and academy graduates are at an all-time low. With less officers and budget constraints, operational safety and administrative oversight are key concerns. And lack of trust between police and some communities increases the concern. The reality is that adding more law enforcement personnel won’t happen soon. But it does point to an urgent need to work as efficiently as possible.

What can chiefs do to keep their departments running smoothly?

ANSWER:  Utilize Operational Workforce Management Software – Orion's Sweet Spot.


Through the use of our SaaS software and mobile app, law enforcement agencies nationwide are better able to control costs, enhance operations and achieve compliance requirements -- imperative due to today's staffing limitations.


  • Centralize efficient business processes for Divisions with different needs
  • Automate efficient scheduling, equipment assignments and training processes
  • Provide self-services for reassignments, personnel's requests and more
  • Control security roles and capabilities based on your requirements
  • Manage costs and mitigate complex compliance risk


With expanded roles and limited resources, effectively managing law enforcement personnel requires the ability to provide flexible scheduling of trained personnel that have the right equipment and are paid the right amounts to meet their challenging demands day in and day out.

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Law Enforcement Workforce Challenges

  • Retention and recruitment of qualified officers
  • Staffing shortages resulting in excessive overtime and officer fatigue
  • Budget limitations leading to staffing reductions, outdated equipment, and inadequate training
  • Managing enforcement of operational policy reforms
  • Recognizing and ensuring officer safety, wellness, and health
  • Ensuring training and licensing requirements achieved and reported
  • Risk of prosecution for on-duty actions
  • Negative media coverage of police issues
  • Diversity of workforce personnel and cultural inclusion

How Does FieldWare Serve Law Enforcement?

Orion is 100% dedicated to the professionals running public safety organizations. Our software simplifies extremely complex staffing, time and attendance, personnel, equipment and training requirements based on each Division's needs.

It’s ‘What’s Under the Hood’ that sets us apart.


Our SaaS software is highly configurable, integrates easily with other technology platforms, and is securely hosted within Orion's Azure Microsoft Government infrastructure.


  • Rules-based automation of highly complex workforce policies with adaptable role capabilities
  • Interface exchanges of continuously changing data with disparate systems for increased efficiencies
  • Embedded workforce analytics that provide administrative and operational insights for data-driven decision making

Some of Our Law Enforcement Customers

Services from Your Long Term Partner

As your long-term partner, we know that deploying your solution is just the beginning. We will continue to add value by providing forward thinking best practices that are tough problem solvers. From how to use operational analytics for smart decision making to offering methods for controlling costs and ensuring compliance, our job is to continuously add value to your investment.