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Subpoena Management

Reduce Overtime. Decrease Administration. Increase Accountability.

Criminal justice practitioners typically notify public safety witnesses using paper deliveries or, at best, email notifications. It's much like throwing a football down the field without knowing if it's been caught. As a result, court notices are sent to retired officers or those with scheduling conflicts. Maintaining the status quo can result in court delays or contribute to unnecessary overtime costs. You need a smarter solution. You need Orion.

Officer Subpoena Issuance and Receipt Management


With Workforce Management PLUS, court notifications can be data entered or received by the solution’s API from external case management systems. 

Officers receive notifications via their PLUS account, agency email, or by using IOS or Android mobile devices. Embedded acknowledgment links enable quick time/ date stamped receipt verification for reporting and auditing purposes.


Supervisors and court liaisons can view officers’ past, current, and future notifications. They can also acknowledge notifications on behalf of witnesses when unique circumstances occur.



CNS on Ipad

Results for City and Parish Courts
• Eliminated data entry processes
• Improved attendance of law enforcement witnesses
• Reduced case event rescheduling due to attendance conflicts
• Eliminated outdated legacy subpoena platform
• Reduced paper costs for law enforcement subpoenas

Results for New Orleans Police
• Removed last minute notifications for court attendance
• Reduced overtime for unnecessary court attendance
• Reduced court attendance manual administration
• Improved field strength due to disregard notifications

"Timely, accurate and shared information is critical to the operations of every criminal justice agency in New Orleans. Post-Katrina manpower shortages made labor saving efficiencies like CourtNotify, even more important."


Dr. Heidi Unter, New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation



Results for Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office
• Eliminated deputy deliveries to police stations
• Eliminated hand deliveries for short notices
• Reduced delivery time and gas costs for civilian service
• Reduced costs for service to incarcerated witnesses

Increase Officer Awareness About Court Events

Officers receive and acknowledge court notifications in real time using web screens or mobile devices. Court events are synced with officers’ on-duty schedules and scheduling conflicts are flagged. It’s a centralized solution for court liaisons and officers alike.

MobileTRKR and Mobile Phone with Calendar2

Improve Court Attendance with Mobile Solutions



Receive Court Notifications with Case and Logistical Details

Officers receive and acknowledge court notifications in real-time using IOS or Android mobile devices. It’s a great way to save administration time and coordinate schedules.


Track Court Attendance and Results

Capture officer attendance and case result details. Rules can be applied to ensure officers do not check into events too early or remain too long after their cases have concluded. With this solution, you are quantifying the previously unquantifiable.

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