Community Supervision
Treasury Management

Expand Payment Options and Reduce Field Staff Debt Collection Burden

treasury-wtThe Treasury Management software module can be integrated with live call centers to create turn-key treasury management programs for all types of agency and court ordered fines, fees and restitutions.

treasury mgmt
  • Multiple payment options including credit/debit via web or phone, money orders, cash payment at available outlets
  • Remittance processing with payments, vouchers, and correspondence
  • Multitiered collections via automated/live calls, texts & US mail
  • Client IVR, phone, email for balances, payments and exception handling
  • Victim restitution disbursements
  • Real-time officer to-do lists for new enrollments, waiver/exemption status changes, and out-of-compliance
  • Agency and client telephone, web and email support
  • Billing with accrual and non-accrual options
  • My Supervision mobile app interface
  • Agency CMS and accounting integration

Remittance, Collection and Disbursement Program

treasury mgmt program2


Enabling the Public to Fund Inmate Canteen Accounts

bank-wtFieldWare solutions that handle payment processing can be extended to accommodate secure funding transfers from friends and family by leveraging its electronic payments portal widely used by other FieldWare modules that handle payment processing.  As a result, friends and family of incarcerated individuals can use a low cost, flat-rate option for funding their loved ones canteen account or making payments for restitution or fees on their behalf.