Comprehensive SaaS Supervision Solution
Treasury Management

Expand Payment Options and Reduce Field Staff Debt Collection Burden

treasury-wtThe Treasury Management module can be integrated with live call centers to create turn-key treasury management programs for all types of agency and court ordered fines, fees and restitutions.

Proven Accountability, Compliance and Efficiency Improvements

  • Multiple Payment Options including Credit/Debit via Web or Phone, Mailed Money Orders, Cash Payment at Available Commercial Outlets
  • Creation and Supply All Remittance Envelopes and Supplies
  • Remittance Processing with Payments, Vouchers, and Correspondence Viewing
  • Real-Time Officer To-Do-Lists for Workflow Management for New Enrollments, Waiver/Exemption Status Changes, and Out-of-Compliance Situations
  • Real-Time Notification of Billable Status, Payment History, and Collections Compliance Notification to Officers
  • Multitiered Collections Activities via Automated/Live Calls, Texts and US Mail

  • Client IVR, Phone, Email for Balance Inquiries, Payment Acceptance and Info
  • Exception Handling
  • Agency and Client Telephone, Web and Email Support
  • Billing with Accrual and Non-Accrual Options by Account
  • Payment Allocation by Business Rules with Override Capabilities Preventing
  • Clients from Needing to Make Payments for Each Account Separately
  • Bank Integration
  • Agency CMS and Accounting Integration if Billing Done by Agency
  • Victim Restitution Disbursements