Community Supervision
Random Test Notification

Streamline Random Testing With Automated Selection and Notification

Develop, manage and maintain random testing protocols with software that replaces manual testing process for clients with drug and alcohol testing stipulations.


With FieldWare's Random Test Notification module, agencies can manage the notification and selection of offenders for random drug or alcohol testing. Eliminate manual processes that result in unnecessary over testing and over spending. And replace existing call-in systems that rely on selected color-codes or keywords with process automation based on your rules. 

FW Drug Testing2

Save Time and Reduce Failures-to-Appear.

The Random Test Notification module requires clients to make a daily call to a toll-free number to learn if a test is required. This shifts accountability to clients and saves a significant workload for agency staff.


If a client is selected, the system directs them to the test location with clear customizable instructions. If not, the client is reminded to call again the next day.

Receive Alerts and Log Results

Agency users receive alerts when clients fail-to-call (whether selected or not) and can monitor or report on all program activities.


Test lab users receive real-time TDI alert lists indicating each selected client.  This includes the ability to log appearance compliance and/or test results.


All inbound and outbound calling activity is logged in the FieldWare system for reporting/auditing.

FW Drug Testing

Automate, Monitor and Track Testing Results

  • Clear-Cut Testing Directive -- for example, “You have been selected for testing and must report by …” vs. “Today’s color is light blue."
  • Automated Reminders by Text/Phone When Clients Fail-to-Call by the Designated Call-In Time
  • Accounting of Who Called, Who Failed-to-Call, Who Was Selected, and Who Appeared for Client-Specific Randomization Rules -- for example, high-risk clients requiring weekly tests vs. low-risk clients requiring monthly tests.
  • Log and Track Test Results and/or Provide Access to External Agency Stakeholders, such as Testing Sites or Labs