Community Supervision
Probation and Parole Automated Notifications

Significantly Reduce Failure-to-Appear Cost with Automated Client Notifications

The costs associated with FTA occurrences can be enormous for agencies of all sizes. Automated Notifications generate automated phone calls and SMS/texts notifying clients of upcoming appointments, outstanding fines or fees, or special conditions requiring attention.


Automated Notifications also provides agency staff with the ability to monitor and log client compliance with their appointments and to report and measure notification activities. This capability is included in several other FieldWare modules.

With Automated Notifications, agency users have a centralized platform to conduct text conversations with clients using a toll-free number that logs the conversation history. As a result, multiple agency users can communicate with a client seamlessly.


Clients can text using pictures and video clips to prove compliance with supervisory conditions, such address or employment verification, as well as successful treatment completion. Each notification or conversational message is retained as a unique case event that can then be transferred to other integrated agency systems.

Automated Reminders Enable Supervisors to Quickly Log and Verify Client Compliance

Notifications and Text2

Core Features

  • Phone or Text Outreach with Configurable Cadence Based on Notification Type
  • Notifications for Multiple Appointment Types – Court, Office Visit, Treatment, Financial Obligations, etc.
  • Configurable Messaging Based on Appointment Type
  • Conversational Texting with Media Sharing and History Tracking
  • Notification Activity and Results Dashboard
  • Exports for Notification Activities as Case Events and/or Success/Failure Metrics
  • Imports of Appointment Dates, Types, Locations
  • Optional Integrated Video Chat