Customer Snapshot

  • 9 Troops with 54 Districts throughout state of NC
  • 1,600 Troopers & 430 Civilians
  • 78,000 miles of roadways

Products Implemented

  • Workforce Mgmt. PLUS
  • Companion Mobile App
  • Interface Agent with Motorola P1CAD/P1RMS

Solution Results

  • Administrative redundancies using multiple Excel spreadsheets replaced by a centralized platform with compliance oversight
  • Ensured accuracy and increased efficiencies using automation based on agency policies for employee transfers, promotions, location and asset management
  • Time saved generating required state reports using real-time data

north-carolinda-patrolNorth Carolina State Highway Patrol

Workforce Management PLUS Success Story



The North Carolina State Highway Patrol (NCSHP) legacy CAD Mainframe System reached its end-of-life in 2022. This internally developed system had been used by the agency since 1978 and in addition to its CAD capabilities included the management of the agency’s personnel, state activity reporting, schedules, and assets.

Workforce data saved in this system was entered using various processes with little validation checking and many work arounds. The agency needed a current technology solution that could provide administrative as well as operational capabilities that would interface with their new CAD and RMS platforms.


In 2022 Motorola and Orion replaced the agency’s legacy system with Motorola’s PremierOne CAD and RMS interfaced with Orion’s Workforce Management PLUS, which went live in May of 2023. NCSHP now has a centralized SaaS system that sends real-time personnel, asset, promotions, permissions, and assignment data to Motorola CAD. The PLUS solution also provides current personnel and equipment data to Motorola and controls security role access to both RMS and CAD systems.

The 1,600 NCSHP troopers now have a centralized system that streamlines management of their schedules and tracks daily activities for real-time state reporting. Assets are being managed by different groups based on category types and assigned to personnel throughout the agency based on security roles according to the eight troop locations. Time is being saved implementing intelligent call number management automation for resource assignments, transfers, promotions and personnel information updates.