Community Supervision
Probation and Parole Case Management

Increase Officer Efficiencies and Improve Offender Outcomes

From tracking and monitoring probationers and parolees to ensuring their release compliance, POs are inundated with labor intense tasks for multiple clients each and every day. But that's just part of their jobs.  They're also managing numerous caseloads, providing social services to support recovery and rehabilitation, and meeting regularly with their clients.  It's a demanding profession that requires the most effective tools for success.  Enter FieldWare.

The FieldWare Case Management SaaS Solution uses automation based on agency rules to streamline community supervision management. With this system, you'll collect and verify important information rapidly.   Automate your workflows with exception-based action items using the system's unique to-do list capabilities ... and so much more.  It's an essential solution that state and local agencies nationwide have relied on for 20+ years.


Case Management 

Your Comprehensive Community Supervision Platform

Case Management is the core platform to FieldWare's comprehensive supervision solution for managing all aspects of pre-trial, probation and parole. It can serve as an agency’s case management system of record, or any module can easily be integrated with existing case management systems. 

Your Core Platform for Managing All Aspects of Probation and Parole.

FieldWare Case Management

Why FieldWare Case Management?

  • Ease of use with agnostic browser-based software
  • Secure encrypted access for users
  • Client/officer flexibility using web or smartphone portal
  • Mobile app for field-based agency users
  • Convenience of integrated conversational texting
  • Streamlined workflow automation with to-do list
  • Improved communications with integrated video chat
  • Ensured compliance with integrated assessment tools
  • User friendly reporting and compliance dashboard
  • Increased efficiencies using interfaces with other platforms

Stable. Scalable. Secure.

Built using Microsoft.NET technology with SQL database management, FieldWare SaaS solutions are hosted within our multiple datacenters using the highest levels of security that are NIST 800-53 and CJIS compliant.

Our modular solution-sets can serve as an agency’s case management system of record or easily integrate any module into an existing case management system.

Utilizing evidence-based practices with dynamic supervision planning and tracking, you will be able to efficiently manage growing caseloads while producing the best client outcomes.