Automated Notification & Texting

Reduce the cost of Failure-to-Appear by automating reminders via text and automated phone call notifications allowing agency staff to log and report client compliance.

Reduce the cost of Failure to Appear by automating reminders via phone call and text notifications allowing agency staff to log and prove client compliance

The costs associated with failure to appear (FTA) situations can be enormous for agencies of all sizes. FieldWare'sAutomated Notification System makes automated phone calls and SMS/texts automatically notifying clients of upcoming appointments (court, office, etc.), outstanding fines or fees, or conditions that require attention. The system has been proven to substantially reduce FTA-related costs. The system also provides Agency staff with the ability to monitor and log compliance with appointments and report on and measure notification activity. The automated notification functionality is also built into several of the other FieldWare tools.

The system also offers a texting platform for Agency users to hold text conversations with clients from a central platform (and toll-free number) that retains the history of all conversations. This allows multiple Agency users to communicate with a client seamlessly. Clients can then text in pictures and video clips to prove compliance with conditions of supervision such as verifying address and employment or successful treatment completion. Each notification or conversational message becomes a unique case event in the system that can then be transferred to other Agency systems via a standard integration methodology.

There's a reason why many of the nation's largest state and county agencies currently partner with FieldWare to meet the unique challenges of proper case management and community supervision. FieldWare solution modules can be combined to create the perfect toolset to replace or augment existing solutions.

Quite simply, FieldWare works. To improve efficiencies. To reduce workload. To increase accountability.

Stable, Scalable, and Secure.

Our multiple data centers host our solutions utilizing proven, stable scalable technologies. All FieldWare solutions are compatible with all current browsers.

As agencies look to implement Evidence-Based-Practices (EBP) to better manage their populations with the same or shrinking resources, FieldWare is the perfect solution. Contact FieldWare today to discuss how we can help you create solutions.
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