Random Test Notification

Fully-hosted, comprehensive SaaS model solution for community supervision and related agencies.

Automate and standardize the selection and notification process for clients required to submit to substance testing.

Develop, manage and maintain random testing protocols with software that replaces manual testing process for clients with drug and alcohol testing stipulations Agencies struggle with developing and maintaining effective random testing protocols resulting in unnecessarily over testing and over spending on the testing process.

FieldWare's Random Test Notification system manages the notification and selection of offenders for random drug or alcohol testing. The system is designed to replace manual processes or existing call-in systems that rely on a selected color-code or keyword.

This system enhances that approach by providing:

  • non-subjective direction (i.e., “You have been selected for testing and must report by …” vs. “Today’s color is light blue”)
  • an accounting of who called, who failed to call, who was selected, and who appeared client specific randomization rules (e.g., a high-risk client may require selection twice every week, but a low-risk client may only require two tests per month)
  • ability to log and track test results and/or provide access to stakeholders outside the Agency such as testing sites or labs
  • automated reminders by text/phone when clients fail to call by the designated call-in time helping reduce failure to appear situations

The random test notification module requires clients to make a daily call to a toll-free number to hear if a test is required. This shifts the accountability for the process to the client and saves significant workload from Agency staff who no longer have to attempt to notify the client of the need to test. If a client is selected the system directs him/her to the test location with clear customizable instructions. If not, the client is reminded to call again on the next day. Agency users get alerts via the system when a client fails to call (whether selected or not). Test lab users get real-time TDI alert lists showing each selected client with the ability to log appearance compliance and/or test results. OffenderLink™ RTN provides Agency staff with the ability to monitor and report on all program activity.

All inbound and outbound calling activity is logged in the OffenderLink™ system for reporting/auditing.

There's a reason why many of the nation's largest state and county agencies currently partner with FieldWare to meet the unique challenges of proper case management and community supervision. FieldWare solution modules can be combined to create the perfect toolset to replace or augment existing solutions.

Quite simply, FieldWare works. To improve efficiencies. To reduce workload. To increase accountability.

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