Remote Check-In

Fully-hosted, comprehensive SaaS model solution for community supervision and related agencies.

Allow low-risk clients to check in remotely, enabling them to report and monitor compliance easily and collect and verify information with this highly configurable system.

To prevent over supervising lower-risk clients, the Remote Check-in system supports Evidence Based Practices by enabling clients to easily report to and communicate with their supervising officer by phone or any web-enabled device, including PC’s, tablets or smartphones either in lieu of or as a supplement to traditional face-to-face reporting. The system verifies address, phone and employment details and then collects any law enforcement contact details. The system is highly configurable and can verify and collect a variety of additional information from the client. The system can also deliver information to the client regarding any open conditions of supervision or non-compliance issues such as treatment compliance, outstanding fines and fees, or specific requests from their supervising officer. Agency staff then can monitor and approve the data collected, track any open conditions of supervision, address non-compliance issues, deliver outbound communications via SMS, in-app messaging, or mail-merge letters in multiple languages.

The system also incorporates automated notifications and reminders for calendar events such as reporting, treatment, office visits and court dates as well as conversational texting and integrated video chat if a remote face to face visit is needed.

FieldWare offers detailed two-way integration with Agency management systems to streamline program enrollment and eliminate any duplicate or unnecessary data entry.

All FieldWare modules come standard with biometric authentication, training as well as agency user and client support.

Our multiple data centers host our solutions utilizing proven and stable server technologies that allow us to scale our telephony infrastructure efficiently. The IVR system is available by touchtone phone, cell, and payphones. Our solutions are available online and are compatible with all current browsers utilizing industry-standard 256 bit SSL encryption.

Stable, Scalable, and Secure.

Our multiple data centers host our solutions utilizing proven, stable scalable technologies. All FieldWare solutions are compatible with all current browsers.

As agencies look to implement Evidence-Based-Practices (EBP) to better manage their populations with the same or shrinking resources, FieldWare is the perfect solution. Contact FieldWare today to discuss how we can help you create solutions.
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