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Workforce Management PLUS

Designed to Manage the Federal, State and Local Public Safety Workforce

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Built using Microsoft technology with SQL database management, our cloud-based software includes configurable toolbelts that agencies rely upon 24/7/365

  • Automate staffing and complex payroll calculations
  • Save time ensuring workforce policy compliances
  • Ensure qualified assignments with minimized OT cost
  • Increase control of costly equipment assignments
  • Increase court attendance with mobile court notifications
  • Improve efficiencies with employee self-services
  • Utilize data-driven visualizations for better decision-making

Choose Your Best Value Based on Your Needs with Orion Toolbelts

Our Workforce Management PLUS and CourtNotify software includes powerful feature-sets designed exclusively for public safety. Since you may or may not require all of their capabilities, we’ve bundled key feature-sets based on our customer’s needs and offer them as ‘Toolbelts’.  Just pick the best toolbelt based on your needs and add other products if desired – like the our Mobile App, Interface Agent or Interactive Analytics. It’s your solution. Build it your way!


Personnel Toolbelt Scheduling Toolbelt Operations Toolbelt Subpoena Toolbelt



Designed for Public safety. Tailored for you.



Workforce Management PLUS

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Justice May Be Blind. Your Subpoena Process Doesn’t Have to Be.


CourtNotify Subpoena Management Software provides an end-to-end solution that unifies all criminal justice practitioners with real-time subpoena issuance and receipt acknowledgement for public safety and civilian witnesses throughout a case’s entire life-cycle.  It can be used as a stand-alone system for public safety or integrated with case management systems to centralize the subpeona process for the courts, prosecutors, public defenders, officers and civilian witnesses.



  • Reduced Overtime for Unnecessary Court Events
  • Increased Officer Court Accountability
  • Reduced Cost for Civilian Subpoena Service Deliveries
  • Improved Service Process for Incarcerated Witnesses



  • Reduced Court Administration Time and Costs
  • Reduced Court Delays and Increased Case Closures
  • Increased Efficiencies Notifying Witnesses in Different Agencies
  • Real-Time Awareness of Civilian Service Results


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Centralize Subpoena Issuance and Monitoring of Receipt Acknowledgment from Public Safety and Civilian Witnesses for Different Courts Throughout the Entire Life-Cycle of a Case.

Court clerks issue subpoena notifications electronically to officers or civilian service agencies. Officer schedules can be viewed in real-time. Time-stamped notice issuance and name-stamped receipt acknowledgements include red-flagged attendance conflicts.

When used by public safety agencies, case details can be imported from judicial systems or entered manually.  Witnesses receive and acknowledge notifications using web-based computers and mobile devices. Serving agencies receive civilian subpoenas online and assign deliveries to service deputies. Delivery results are saved using bar code scanners or entered in mobile devices.


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It’s Your Data. Have a Conversation with It.


As an add-on companion to Workforce Management PLUS and/or CourtNotify, Interactive Analytics enables non-technical personnel to use the system's data or data received from other platforms (like HRIS, Payroll, CAD, RMS or CMS) to generate self-service reports, charts, and dashboards.

  • Interact with data based on your specific point of view
  • Eliminate need for proprietary data storage or separate infrastructure
  • Save time generating and distributing ongoing reports



Self-Service Tools Enable You to Use the Data of Your Choice and Easily Generate Real-Time Visualizations and Reports

Go beyond static reports and widget dashboards.  Interactive Analytics enables you to probe your data from different points-of-view.  You'll be able to create real-time charts, reports, and dashboards that can be shared with others on a regular basis.


It’s an insightful way to see the stories your data can tell.

Keep Your Workforce Connected – Anytime, Anywhere.


Our Mobile app provide registered users the convenience of Android or IOS mobile access to their CourtNotify or Workforce Management PLUS account. With this app, your employees will quickly complete scheduling and administrative tasks while on the move.


  • Quickly enter or respond to time-off, swaps, special events and overtime requests
  • Receive agency notifications and alerts in real-time
  • Agency-controlled user access for new and retiring employees



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Continuously Exchanging Information. Simply.


Interface Agent is an architecture designed by Orion for the purpose of standardizing workforce data exchanges between diverse platforms. When combined with Workforce Management PLUS or CourtNotify, organizations can send, receive and validate complex, continuously changing data with other technology platforms. These data exchanges can occur on a real-time, or near real-time basis depending upon the needs of the system.'


  • Eliminate redundant, manual data entries in multiple systems
  • Ensure accuracy by automating data exchanges
  • Centralize user access to 3rd party systems
  • Improve dispatcher visibility about roll call personnel, asset and skills in CAD
  • Generate operational analytics using data received from external platforms



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Track Public Safety Workforce Time Your Way. 


Working in conjunction with CourtNotify or Workforce Management PLUS, AttendanceTRKR is used on any type of web-based device to track personnel check-in and check-out times and capture event results -- regardless of location. Apply your policy rules or geographical location data to ensure accurate time tracking.


From day-of-court attendance to academy training, or on-call rapid-response ... AttendanceTRKR is a cost-effective means of capturing attendance results for analytical reporting.

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Secure Technology You Can Count On

Thanks to our continuous BreachLock penetration testing, we nip potential hacking vulnerabilities in the bud.  And as a certified Microsoft Azure Government Provider, our cloud-based infrastructure environment features FedRAMP architecture that provides the highest levels of data security, system uptime, and built-in redundancy. Now that's security you can count on!

Let's Work Together!

Our subject matter experts would enjoy learning how you are managing your workforce and if there are any challenges you may be experiencing. Most of us come from public safety and may be able to solve the types of problems you face daily. Just let us know how you'd like to connect!